Why unhappy???

WHY UNHAPPY? 50% of our sorrow (much more actually) will leave us if we grasp the meaning of the Upanishadic revelations that point out that we, in our true nature, do not change at all!

Peace is is not in becoming!

PEACE IS IN BEING. IT IS NOT IN BECOMING. Identified with our personality, indulging in ideas of "I'm this; I'm that," we seek happiness in numerous areas. Tired finally, we find true happiness in the Self, our true nature, where no description applies to us!


Develop ' Sankalpa' - the faculty that helps you see clearly...

Deepest desires

You are, what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is so is your will...


Divisions are created by thought. Pure awareness has no divisions.

Ego exposed

In intense observation and awareness, the likes and dislikes emerging from egoism gets exposed and make a quick exit. ~ Swami Chidananda

Constant Vigil

Constant vigil over our thoughts, words and deeds can expose our false attachments.

Political freedom, financial freedom..

freedom of speech and other freedoms have their place in life but all of them together are inadequate when we do not have inner freedom. The Upanishads point out that the vision of the infinite truth can alone set us free. - Swami Chidananda