Light of Intelligence within You

THE LIGHT OF INTELLIGENCE WITHIN YOU is Surge 97 of the INSIGHTS SERIES. The message here asks us to stop engaging in 'doing, thinking and feeling' and to give chance to "just being". Abidance in the Self (atma nistha) requires that we question our endless search in the field of 'thought' for peace and security.


Where did we go wrong? Asking this question, Swami Chidananda presents a Vijaya Dashami message here, under Insights Series (Surge 96). Quoting Upanishads and Geeta, he emphasizes the need to step aside from our obsession with OET (objects, emotions and thoughts) and dwell on the "inner truth". He connects the matter with our ability to experience (and display) compassion too.

Why study Upanishads.

Published on Jan 7, 2014 The picture is of Swami Chinmayananda ji (1916 - 1993). This audio mssage is Surge 98 in the INSIGHTS series brought out by Swami Chidananda of Fowai Forum ( It highlights two or three, among many, reasons to study Upanishads. Published on January 8, 2014.

Path and No Path

A short talk on PATH AND NO PATH, it touches on the nature of coming upon freedom. Thought binds and Seeing liberates. Can there be a ladder from the dream state to the waking state? Is there a path from 'thought' to 'seeing'? The speaker is inspired by J Krishnamurti and has the background of Vedanta studies. Released on November 24, 2011

Inquire or Surrender

Freedom from bondage is through one of two approaches viz wisdom or devotion. The 6 mins talk touches upon the two approaches and mentions the two metaphors of mother monkey and her little one versus mother cat and her little one. Recorded by Datta Prasad on Sunday, July 17, 2011.

BA and MA

Recorded on October 10, 2010 BA does not mean Bachelor of Arts and MA does not mean Master of Arts. They mean Bhoga Asakta and Moha Asakta. We have to get YA, Yoga Asakta, to be free and happy.