Why unhappy???

Why unhappy???

50% of our sorrow (much more actually) will leave us if we grasp the meaning of the Upanishadic revelations that point out that we, in our true nature, do not change at all!
We are "avyaya-svarupa"!

Kathopanishad 1:2:19 declares,
"You are the soul, which neither gets injured nor injures anyone"

नायँ हन्ति न हन्यते ||
nāyam hanti, na hanyate ||

The belief that we have fallen, we are not progressing, we are way behind others, our meditation is not good etc. (and not facts) create sorrow.
Putting aside these beliefs and staying free of conclusions restores 50% of our "paradise lost"!

Don't get lost in the dreamy business of BECOMING!