Like diabetes or hypertension, which are on the physical level, comparison has been a major ailment with us on the psychological level. What makes the situation more complex is that we do not really know if the comparison is in place. Are we comparing an orange with another orange, or with an apple? Is a bird sad that he cannot do what another bird is able to, or is he depressed that he cannot swim like the fish does?

We human beings are endowed with different skills, natures and temperaments. Some of us are good in linguistics, others in handling finance and yet others in managing people. Some are slow and steady but others are aggressive and fast. Some are very sensitive or even delicate while others can bear with criticism and work in hostile environments.

Depression is the result of ill-placed comparison. Instead of feeling sad over our failures, we must identify our strengths and work upon them. Quite possibly, we failed at something we are not meant for.

The mantra here should be, "Quit," and not, "Do not give up!"

If on the other hand we do self-examination, and find that we failed in an area where we have all the competence and inclination, we then should roll up our sleeves and move on, avoiding our past mistakes.

The mantra here should be, "Make a plan, and go by the plan!"

We can be happy the way Nature has made us, when we capitalise on what we have. We must not waste energy on what we do not.

Summary: Be yourself. Discover who you are. Identify what you are. Recognise how you are made. Work steadily on your strengths. Have the courage to give up those ways in which your energy was getting wasted. Win you will.