Question by Mr. Madhusudhan about Self, God Realisation.

Question by Mr. Madhusudhan about Self, God Realisation.

Question:  Kindly provide your inputs and advise. I chant OM NAMO NARAYANAYA every day twice daily 11 malas (108 * 11) unless I am travelling in plane. I want to know whether I should continue with this or do Narayana Gayatri Mantra "OM NARAYANAYA VIDMAHE VASUDEVAYA DHIMAHI TANNOH VISHNU PRACHODAYAT) What is the difference between these 2 mantras? How many times should I chant these mantras in a day? Any procedures that I should follow? My goal is two fold a) Self Realization (Atma Gnana) b) God Realization (Bramha Gnana).

Your question is a bit technical and depends on particular traditions, which vary from place to place in our country.

I suggest you may do the Narayana Gayatri in the mornings and the Astaksari in the evenings. If you are comfortable with 11 malas (108 in each mala), please continue with it in the evenings. For mornings, as the Gayatri is 3 times the size of Astaksari, you may do just four malas.

It's wonderful that you have this anusthana. For facilitating your speedy progress towards Atma-jnana and Brahma-Jnana, I suggest you study Bhagavad Geeta with a commentary of your choice.

Congratulations and best wishes,