For young parents, a seminar on Value-Enriched Parenting.

  • 9:00 AM
  • The Rotary Service Centre, Juhu Tara Road, Santa Cruz West, Mumbai. 9.00 - 12.00 Noon.

With insights from Vedic Rishis


Children bring indeed great joy to our life but coping with the fast changes in them as they grow up can put us in quite unenviable circumstances. We soon realize they have a ‘mind of their own’! Moreover, just the other day we had thought we were modern in our outlooks but our kids challenge us to question that position! And then there is the issue of globalization where our children are exposed to the media and the entertainment industry that is much anchored in foreign cultures, which poses unusual challenges in the matter of communicating with this younger generation.

The Upanishads have highlighted “Eternal Values for a Changing Society”. Without getting caught in particular milieu, basic human aspirations are kept in mind while defining values. Passages like “satyam vada, dharma chara” (Speak truth, practise virtue: Taittiriya Upanishad), “tapo damahkarma pratistha” (mental concentration, sense-control and noble works are the foundation for higher wisdom: Kena Upanishad) cut across all barriers and supply to us ‘global ethics’. These can be then supported with stories from Indian rich heritage.

The Workshop can have experienced trainers and counsellors share their views and advice with young parents struggling with modern challenges and truly aspiring to give their children the gift of a beautiful foundation of (feeling for and understanding of) values, of which they will be proud all through their life.


1 What are the essential values that children should imbibe?

2 What are the dos and don’ts that parents should follow in order to help the kids’ holistic growth?

3 How can parents help children grow in an atmosphere of emotional security?

4 What is the dividing line between showing love and pampering?

5 What can be the best ABL (activity-based learning) for today’s children?

6 What kind of religious education suits modern times?

7 How do we prevent possible harm arising out of comparison and competition?