AUPA Jan 2017, vol 2, issue 7, Number 19

Our mind generally swings between opposites. If something is not good, it has to be bad; if somebody is not our friend, he could be our adversary; if a place is not far, it must be near etc. In a thought provoking statement, the Kenopanishad declares, “The ultimate truth of life is neither the known nor the unknown”. In Boolean algebra, a variable swings between A and Ā (A and A bar), or between 0 and 1. There is no third possibility. However the door to Self-knowledge opens when we realize that there is the “knowing intelligence” that does not fall in either of the two boxes: the known and the unknown.

Upanishad Wisdom - AUPA - Issue 18 - Dec 2016

“Unsteady, verily, are these boats,” declares¹ the Mundaka Upanishad referring to the whole field of “actions and their results”. Empires came and went; celebrities dazzled their fans at one time on the stage of this world but faded away into distant darkness at another time. Objects and relationships that gave us happiness at one time become a burden at another!

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Life is indeed a tight rope walk where we need to balance an apparent sense of “I am something” with the deeper truth of “He is everything”. We need to know our skills and talents and act accordingly in the functional domain of our life. At the same time we need to know our imperfections and limitations, and stay humble - Swami Chidanandaji.

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FRAGRANCE OF YOGA IN OUR LIFE The Upanishads supply a litmus test for us to know if our life has the stamp of Yoga. Neither theoretical knowledge nor being able to do difficult postures (or breathing exercises) would make us yogis. It is rather that natural alertness in which all our sense organs behave properly, avoiding excess anywhere. Swami Chidanandaji

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May Lord Ganesha bless all of you, dear readers, as this issue reaches your hands on the auspicious day of Ganesha Chaturthi! We are also launching our new logo with this issue, along with a new layout. In fact, our website (presently is changing soon to! Swami Chidanandaji

A special issue of AUPA, the e-newsletter, in loving memory of Dr.Sid Gautam.

Here is a special issue of AUPA, the e-newsletter, in loving memory of Sid Gautam. He was our inspiration and primary support for the UPANISHAD PROJECT. As a friend, philosopher and guide, he displayed many divine qualities. Please browse this special issue; AUPA's regular issue will come to you later. Swami Chidananda Editor