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One day, in 1965, Framji‟s son Dorab Framji came to Ramana ashram and asked me to get into his car. He took me along with him to Chennai. After a wash and some tea, he again asked me to get into his car. On the way, he queried me,

DO NOT BE POSSESSIVE - How to stop being possessive and start living?

We pin our happiness on people, things and circumstances. Admittedly, their presence in our life does contribute to the joys of life. Yet, it seems our relationship and interaction with them is not always rosy and we do experience as much, if not more, problems enough to turn our life sour.

LORD IS EVERY WITH YOU - Living in the Awareness of Isha.

The Ishavasya Upanishad (īśāvāsya upaniṣad) declares that the universe we perceive is a manifestation of the Absolute Reality alone – ‘pūrṇāt purṇam-udacyate’. What this means is that our universe of multiplicity is a construct in the field of infinite consciousness which is referred to here as the Absolute Reality. Our mind and senses apprehend this universe as space, time and vibrations of energy, yet there is a more subtle aspect to the universe which Ishavasya Upanishad reveals to us.

ISHAVASYA UPANISHAD - - A Translation by Sandeep Tyagi, New Jersey.

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Isha Upanishad is one of the main Upanishads. It is one of the earlier Upanishads and presents a balanced view of worldly and spiritual pursuits. It creates a framework for understanding balance between enjoyment and renunciation; between worldly pursuits and the attainment of Self Realization. It comprises of an invocation and 18 verses. So it is quite easily readable in one sitting. At the bottom of this post you can see links to free online resources that I used for this post.

THE RATH YĀTRĀ In the Light of Kathopanishad

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On July 18th, 2015 the annual Rath Yātrā (march of the chariot) was celebrated all over the world. At Puri in Odisha, a crowd of unprecedented size poured in to watch the millennium’s first Naba Kalebara (a new body for the Lord) that came after 19 years. In the North American continent alone, there were 23 locations celebrating the Rath Yātrā on the same day.


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When one says he or she is spiritual, the perception is somebody who renounced everything and who is away from the mainstream. Is it true? Certainly not. When material life is based on the foundation of spiritual principles, it is much more enjoyable. The basic question one has to put to oneself is, am I at peace with myself and with others around me? If the answer is yes, then you are already spiritual. If the answer is no, then spirituality can greatly help.


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The Upanishads are the quintessential sections of the Vedas and therefore form the very foundation of the Vedic path to acquire Dharma (universal righteousness) in our life.

Can Sorrow End?

To see the Fact is to be the Fact, which dissolves all mental imagination (bundle of sorrow) unexpectedly. The Fact itself is joy, peace and bliss.

Exploring the Inner World

It is natural for the mind to focus on the external world because of its outgoing tendencies and due to its dependence on sense organs (organs of perception and organs of action - windows to the external world). Right from childhood, one follows the sense organs blindly to indulge in sense gratification by contacting sense objects of the world.


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The two options that life offers to us every now and then – the path of the lasting good(shreya) and the path of the pleasant (preya), about which Lord Yama talks in the Kathopanishad (mantras 1.2.1 and 1.2.2) constitute a classic ‘decision making dilemma’ faced by man since times immemorial.