The truth speaks out...

The truth speaks out...


                             V. Ganesan
One day, in 1965, Framji‟s son Dorab Framji came to Ramana ashram and asked me to get into his car.
He took me along with him to Chennai. After a wash and some tea, he again asked me to get into his car. On the way, he queried me,
“At the ashram, when I asked you to get into the car, you did not ask where I was taking you. Here too, you got into the car without asking me where I was taking you.” I replied, “Dorab, I know you will only take me to a place that will elevate me!” He was happy with my reply and revealed, “Yes, I am taking you to Vasant Vihar in Adyar for a talk by a great sage called J. Krishnamurti.”

On hearing this, I laughed to myself. I thought that sages and saints were always addressed as Bhagavan, Swami, Maharaj or Baba. I had never heard of a saint having an initial before his name!

But when I saw Krishnaji seated on a platform under a huge tree to give his talk, I felt deep within my heart, “Here is a man of truth!” This feeling caused an explosion of ecstasy in me.

Later, the very first sentence that Krishnaji spoke caused a second explosion: “If there is no truth within you sir, take it for certain that there is no truth outside of you!” Contemplating over this single sentence, I felt, in its essence, depth and intensity, it completely conformed with Bhagavan‟s own teaching that "I AM" is the truth.

Excerpted from: Ramana Periya Puranam., Framji Dorabji., Page-377