Swami Chidananda, the editor of this website, has been a speaker, writer and a teacher of Vedanta texts for three decades. The world-renowned spiritual master Swami Chinmayananda gave him a foundation course in the Upanishads and also initiated him into the monastic order in 1992. Before taking up spiritual study and teaching on a full time basis, he had been an Electronics engineer with B.E. from Mysore University (1980) and M.Tech. from IIT Madras (1982). He served the Chinmaya Mission for sixteen years during which he taught philosophy at Mumbai, Bangalore, and in California. He has spoken at many academic, social and business centers in India and North America. His thought evolved through coming in contact with the works of several great thinkers, the most important among them being Ramana Maharshi and Jiddu Krishnamurti. Hailing from Karnataka, he is fluent in English, Kannada and Hindi and is well versed in Sanskrit too.